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A Wolf Pack Ten Network Is back up and running!

2019-07-09 -
I am excited and looking forward to keeping awolfpack.com Network up and running
As the new owner of the AWPT Network I will keep you posted on any updates

The aWolfpack Network might be going away!

2019-06-01 -
ATTN Website owners in the Network and all our Members!

The aWolfpack Network will soon

 be in it's Final Days!

With the result of PayPal limiting accounts and mine being limited I will be forced to find another hosting solution as this has turned out to be just a hobby and does not support itself.

The AWP Network uses high bandwidth and would not do well on everyday hosting.

With the fact that SQL has advanced and servers are updating not sure how our sites will react with the database changes. After those facts I am not sure what the future will bring but 1 thing is almost sure is the one of the Last TRUE Networks will probably be going away forever.

Thanks for being one of our members!

Bob Boulris
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