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Welcome to aWolfPack-TEN.

This is an exciting new concept in traffic exchange networking. aWolfPack-TEN provides a central program through which traffic exchanges may "share" traffic with each other.

Here's how it works:

The Webmaster of the traffic exchange adds a small interface script to his or her exchange.  This script tells the aWolfPack-TEN program how and where the Webmaster want the views shared.  It allows the program to "see" the user id and webpage URL that is to be shared with another traffic exchange. No personal information about the traffic exchange member is ever divulged with this interface.

The Webmaster may choose to allow manual and/or auto surf exchanges to view pages from his or her exchange. And he or she may set the minimum amount of time for the page to be viewed through an area provided on the aWolfPack-TEN home site.

The interface script "pulls," or exports, a user id and website URL from the member traffic exchange's database.  It then "sends," or imports, that site to another traffic exchange to be viewed by a member there. And it imports pages for viewing from other traffic exchanges to the exchanges that you surf. There are currently 44 sites which are member exchanges in aWolfPack-TEN.

Now for the BIG questions:

"What in this for me?"

Well, that's really quite simple. When you surf the exchanges that you normally would, you accrue your usual credits for those exchanges.  If those exchanges are members of aWolfPack-TEN (which we will presume they are if you are reading this), the x amount of page views that you earn are viewed on the exchange where you earn them, AND "shared" with other exchanges for viewing.

By sharing your web pages with other exchanges you get more exposure and more chances to acquire new members in your down line or program.  And you get more opportunity to make sales if you are selling products or services.  Some of the network traffic exchanges may not be a part of your regular surfing schedule.  This can give you more resources for new viewers.  It's a no-brainer when you think about it.  It's like having one HUGE traffic exchange to promote your websites to, without having to work harder.

"But what if I don't want my websites shown on other traffic exchanges?"

That's very simple, too.  The Webmaster has, at his or her option, a page that will allow him or her to opt-in or opt-out individual members of the exchange.  So if you want to join exchanges where you see the aWolfPack-TEN logo, ask the Webmasters whether or not they have chosen to make this option available to the members.

"How do I know if I'm looking at a page from another exchange?"

If a page view has been imported from another exchange, you will see an added "box" that comes up as a part of the page you're viewing.  The box clearly states that the site is brought to you by aWolfPack-TEN and whichever traffic exchange from which it has been imported.  It does not interfere with your surfing or credit accrual. And it's quite user-friendly.  It will provide you with all of the above-mentioned information plus a way to report the site which you are viewing, should it cause you problems.  It also gives you a way to open the page that you are viewing in a new window.

Should you have any further questions, contact your Webmaster through the contact form provided on the exchange.  Any questions that he or she cannot answer may be sent to the owner/creator of VS-TEN who is available by direct contact from the Webmasters.

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