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Current Scripts

This is a list of scripts that aWolfpack-TEN currently works with.  This list will be growing over the next few months, as we work with webmasters to expand the network. 

Remember that we will develop these scripts in most cases for free, since it's to our benefit to be as compatible as possible with every type of exchange out there.

Unless otherwise noted, these interface scripts (this is the "incoming interface", so network members can view your exchange's sites) are available free of charge to aWolfpack-TEN members. 

Script Name Example/member Site Other comments
TrEx http://trex.varisearch.com Manual only support will occur when the next version of TrEx is released (it's currently in beta).
PT-Script http://getsmarton.net Manual only support will be tested after the TrEx version is tested.

Working at multiple sites. (if03)

LJScripts / Yigle Exchange

Also TrafficPHP


http://kwikhit.com ** Accounting functions still pending phase-2 test
** v2 of script available with updated accounting code... still in testing

There is an older version of LJScript (different table names) which is fully tested and online.

** Now has opt-out interface (if04)

PHP Lite http://magichighway.com Working. (if05)

** Now has opt-out interface ready for testing

Traffic DX http://www.farmhits.com Working at multiple sites

** New option: restrict sites shown to the network using your existing category system (version 3c).

** bug found: all TrafficDX users, please request and use v4 or v4c of the interface... v3 has an error in the 7statsite record keeping for your phantom user.  [Fixed 23 April]

(The CLiX network)
http://traffic-lottery.com Working. (08)

** Now has opt-out interface... still checking the editors, but the interface works.

Walker Websites

(classic/asp version)

http://hitali.com v2 working.

** Now has opt-out interface (10v3)

Walker Websites

(new php version)

http://hitcomposer.com Interface works, and has opt-out interface (18)
Harland Scripts http://trafficjogger.com Working.

** Now has opt-out interface (15)

WebTrafficScripts.com http://www.yibbida.com Working
AMCS http://hitsuk.co.uk Working
HitJammer http://www.trafficexchanging.com Working.
Scripts24 http://www.trafficplaza.info Working

Software Developers: Please contact richp so we can work with you to make an interface for your Traffic-Exchange software, as well!  This helps your customers get a 'jump start' for their new exchange.

** The number in parenthesis is the interface id number (for our own records).

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