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Privacy Policy

Simply put: Your privacy is important, and we shall respect that.  As long as you are in the main site (the areas that do note require a login), the following privacy policies apply:

User tracking

We don't do it on the main site.  We will periodically generate statistics about how many visitors we have had to the main site, and what countries they are from based on IP address.  However, we will store no personal information on anyone in the main site, for any reason.  The main site does place a cookie on your browser if you came to the site by a referral link.  That cookie contains the user ID of the referrer, and the date of the referral.


We do not use or condone the use of spam.  If you came to this website because of an email you did not request, please forward the email to awolfbob@gmail.com.  We will do our best to find and shut down any person using spam on our system.  We do not collect email addresses on the main site for this reason.

This information is also part of our site-usage agreement:  We want you to feel comfortable and safe surfing our main site.  We will not intrude on your privacy.  It's that simple.

Cookie Policy

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