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Making Money: Our referral system

You can actually make money while doing something that will benefit your traffic exchange!

Just like most traffic exchanges have a referral-reward system, we offer something similar here at aWolfPack Ten.  The difference is that our system won't pay in "credits" or "tokens", but in old-fashioned cash.

We're going to do our best to keep this as a simple, straightforward system:

  • We offer several referral links, pages and graphics to choose from.  (Members area/other features/promotional tools.)
  • If a visitor views your referral page, we will write a cookie if their browser allows it, and store info about the user in our database.
  • If they click on a join link from the referral page, or on your referral link, they become part of your down line when they join aWolfPack Ten
  • During signup, if no cookie is found, and no referral link was used, we will check the database, which keeps info for 180 days, meaning you can still get them if you were their first referral here.

We are offering a percentage of the actual spending of every direct referral you have.  This is a lot of potential money, if you add it up.  If you are a free member, you will earn 10% on direct referrals.  If you upgrade:

Upgrade Level
 Cost/Month Commission on direct-referral purchases
0 (AWP Free)
 N/A 0%
1 AWP LoneWolf- SU  N/A 0%
2 AWP Omega-FEO  free 10%
3 AWP Juvenile-EOU  $8.97/month 25%
4 AWP Subordinates-MEO  $14.97/month 30%

SU - Surfer Upgrade N/A

FEO- Free - exchange owner

EOU- Exchange owner upgrade
(Free 4 week upgrade for new exchange owners)

MEO - Multi-exchange owner


Note that this is a financial projection, and not a guarantee of income: your earnings will vary, based on your ability to get referrals, and the amount of items purchased by referred members.  Payments are placed in your 'local cash' account, where you can spend the funds on-site, or request a payout once a minimum value is reached.   Payout requests are generally fulfilled within a business week that have meet the requirements for special offers only, and we use Pay Pal, & Alert pay,  (your choice) as our core payment processors.

Cookie Policy

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