1 Million Site Hits & Banner Impressions!

Site & Banner requirements! (Read below)!

The site must be surf friendly, NO popups, No framebreakers, NO adult content, NO rotators, NO short urls or redirects, Nothing illegal! Before purchasing, submit your name, email address and the site url, We will test it for you before we proceed. Please submit info HERE!

To see statistics on each site you would have to login to each site with info given after purchase. Accounts will be made on each site (13 sites) with your submitted url, each site will have 100,000 credits allocated to url, same url must be on all sites, urls cannot be changed! All info on Accounts will be emailed after purchase. (Up to 24 hours will be needed for all accounts to be made).

The Banner must be 468x60 in size and under 100k.. Statistics on banners can be found on your NEW account on Pro Ads Plus after purchase. Banners will be shown on all 12 sites plus Gem Traffic for a total of 13 sites.

Only $125.00!